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Financial Statement Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Financial Statement Analysis - Assignment Example That indicates that the company was more liquid in 2010 than in 2007. Therefore, the company was in a better position to meet its obligations in 2010 as compared to 2007. From the ratios, it is evident that the company performed better in 2007 than 2010. The only area in which it performed better in 2010 is in liquidity ratios. That indicates that resource utilization was better in 2007 as compared to 2010 (Piper, 2013, p.53). The cost and expenses may have contributed to the differences in the ratios. Minimizing costs and expenses would act to rectify the trend and ensure the profitability improves in the future. The effect of the expenses is evident as the ratio of the selling, general and administrative expenses to sales is higher in 2010 than in 2007. The ratio is 0.147 and 0.141 respectively. Reducing the expenses would increase the profit and income for the company. That would increase profitability over the years (Brigham and Ehrhardt, 2013, p.107). The asset turnover ratios are higher in 2007 than in 2010. The only turnover ratio that is higher in 2010 than 2007 is the property, plant and equipment turnover ratio. That indicates that the company is able to generate more sales from its assets in 2007 than in 2010. An improvement in this statistic may be possible if the company achieves more sales given the increasing assets over the years. The increased sales would improve the turnover ratios and result in an increase in profitability (Kimmel, Weygandt, and Kieso, 2012, p.689). The Operating Profit influences the Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) to a large extent. The operating profit in 2010 is lower than in 2007. That, coupled with the higher operating capital in 2010, gives a lower return on capital compared to that of 2007. In all aspects, profitability has a huge impact on the Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) of the company. A falling ROCE may be an indication of the company’s falling competitive advantage. An

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The TD Insurances Essay Example for Free

The TD Insurances Essay TD Insurances is a small business providing insurance for cars, run by Thomas Davidson. He started the business one year ago after being made redundant as a factory worker assembling car parts. He has used his knowledge from his previous job and gradually built up his business although he has no employees working for him at the moment. However his wife helps him with the paperwork when she can. Thomas works full- time from his home study, which is located in the heart of Streatham. In the past year Thomas has had a lot of experience dealing with customers and clients. He now has a number of devoted customers who frequently contact him when the renewal for their car insurance is due. Thomas usually interacts with his customers over the phone from his study; sometimes however he does conduct business at the home of his customer to their convenience. When Thomas finds an interested client he firstly explains to the client everything that is involved in the policy. In order for Thomas to calculate the insurance quote, he uses a calculator, a record of tables with the insurance ratings and his diary where he notes all the information down. Thomas insurance ratings show a different variety of things the first table is the insurance group, which shows the basic cost for a car depending on the cars price and power. The more expensive and powerful the car, higher the basic cost. Thomas then adjusts the basic by multiplying by various factors, which could affect the insurance. Age is also a factor, the older the driver is, and the less they are considered as a risk. Sex is also a factor; a female is considered as a less of a risk than males. The area you live in is also a criteria which Thomas considers before issuing an insurance quote, if you live in a high risk sensitive are you are likely to pay more. The customer can then choose what type of insurance he would like; third party only, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive. TD Insurance Services also offer an extra driver criterion, which can be added at an increased cost. Thomas then offers a discount to the customers if they have had no claims varying from the past year or five years. Thomas then calculates the quote by multiplying the basic cost with all the factor multipliers and seeing if they can get a discount and then giving the customer the final result. Thomas writes all of the things discussed and quotations in his diary. If the client agrees to go ahead with the policy after hearing the final cost, Thomas gives an appointment to the customer to come and collect the insurance policy. Sometimes Thomas may in person deliver the policy at the customers house if it is more convenient to them. Thomas does possess a computer and laptop at home, which his children use for educational purposes. Thomas has very little knowledge about using computers, however to produce the insurance policies which are word-processed his daughter helps him and recently Thomas has started to produce the policies by himself since he is gradually learning to use a computer, even though he is slow with the typing. Thomas makes hand-written notes about all his clients, their details and policies, which is time consuming and can get tiring and boring despite having a computer due to his lack of computer skills. When the policy has been printed, the customer either comes to collect it or Thomas goes to deliver it. Furthermore sometimes Thomas wife also helps him with the paperwork, if there are too many customers wishing to have a quote ready. Thomas says that most of his customers find out about his business by word of mouth or from the consequence for the advert he has placed in the local newspaper, if he could he would also like to attract more customers to increase the standard of his living. Thomas Davidson finds the existing manual way he issues policies prolong and exhausting and would like to automate the system. He would also prefer to make more use of his laptop, however his lack of computer skills is a problem and therefore would like to be able to issue quotes on a simple and straightforward system. He would also like to automate the system so that it would be much faster to issue quotes and therefore would not have to spend too much time doing things manually. Since at the moment he hardly gets anytime to spend with his children especially when there is a heavy workload. Thomas feels that if he were able to get the system to be computerised he would like to employ some staff and expand and preferably shift into an office. USER REQUIREMENTS: My user is Thomas Davidson, who owns TD Insurances for whom I will be creating a computerised quotation system. He would like the following requirements to be taken into account. * To be able to see the total cost of the insurance quote. * To be able to see the total cost of the insurance quote before a discount is given. * To be able to print the quotation. * To make sure that system is safe and secure. * To be able to quickly do tasks such as looking up the costs. * To be able to quickly search for different types of quotes. * To be able to see the details of all the customers such as; forename, surname, age, and the type of insurance they would like. * To be able to store the issued quotes so that they can be used at a later date. * To enable phone enquiries to be dealt much quickly. * To make the system user- friendly. * To make sure the data entered is accurate. * To make the system look professional, systematic and organised. QUANTITATIVE OBJECTIVES: * To use a formula to work out the total cost of the insurance quote. * To use another formula to work out the cost of the quote excluding the discount. * To be able to print multiple copies of the quotes. * To make the system password protected so a password will be needed in order to enter the system. * To be able to lookup the costs of the different types of quotes. * To make sure the details about the customers names, surnames, addresses, age and other details can be seen. * To be able to use a command button so data can be stored. * To use drop down boxes to be able to select options. QUALITATIVE OBJECTIVES: * To make the system user- friendly I will create a user interface so that it is easy to move around the system. * To make the system look professional and organised. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA: * The system should be able to use a formula in order to work out the total cost of the insurance quote. * The system should be able to use a calculation in order to work out the cost of the insurance excluding the discount. * The system should be able to print multiple copies of the insurance quotation. * The system should be password enable, so a password will be needed in order to access the system to make sure the system is safe. * The system should be able to lookup the costs of the quotation. * The system should be able to store the issued quotes so that they can be used at a later date. * The system should show all the details about the customers such as names, surnames, addresses and other details. * The system should have drop down boxes so the user can select options quickly and easily. NEW SYSTEM: In order to produce the car insurance quotation system I will be using spreadsheet software for many reasons. In a spreadsheet I can use many of the features which will enable me to produce an efficient quotation system. I can use macros, list boxes, combo boxes, V Lookup, IF statements and other features in the system. There is other software such as a word- processor, or a database but they are not suitable for this quotation system because they do not have the features that a spreadsheet does. In a spreadsheet I can use formulas to calculate costs, which is unavailable in a word- processor or a database. INPUT, PROCESSES AND OUTPUT: Input: I will input all the data required using a keyboard into the spreadsheet. The input data I will need in order to produce the quotation system are all the customer details and the headings. I will require the following specifics about the customers: forename, surname, address, sex, model and make of the car. I will also need the age of the driver, which will be in a grouped arrangement e.g. 17- 19 or 60- 65. The type of insurance the driver wants will also be required whether it is, fully comprehensive, third party only or third party fire and theft. I will abbreviate the type of insurance to make it shorter so it would be much quicker to type and also easier. I will also need to know what type of area the driver lives in, as this could be a risk factor, either low, medium or high. I will also need to know if the driver would like to state an extra driver or not. I will also need to know the number of claims the driver has made in the past 4 years and whether he is eligible for a disc ount. The other details I will need to know is about the insurance and which rating the cars are allocated according to their power and cost. I will also need to know about the multipliers so that I can work what I need to multiple the cost, these will be allocated to the sex, age of driver, risk of area and insurance and type. Processes: In order to create the quotation system I will need to carry out a number of processes with the input data in order to produce the output. Once the data has been entered I will need to rename the worksheets and insert a defined name for certain data which will be used in calculations. Option buttons are used for choosing one from a list of options, where you can select one option button at a time. I will be using them so the user can select the sex of the driver, either male or female. Combo boxes can also be called drop- down boxes, which offer a number of choices to the user, one of which maybe selected. I will be using a combo box so that my user can select the drivers car. By selecting on the drop- down arrow will provide the models of the cars. A list box and combo boxes are alike however a list box shows the choices available without having to click on the arrow. I will be using a list box for the risk assessment of the area and type of insurance, as there are only three options from which the user can select. A check box is a box, which can either be selected or unselected, when you click on the box a tick appears in the box. I will be using a check box for the declaration of the extra driver. A spinner is made up of two arrows, one points up and the other down. By clicking on the up arrow increases the value and the down arrow decreases the value. I will be using the spinner to choose the number of years the driver has made no claims. A V Lookup searches for a value in the leftmost column of a table, and then returns a value in the same rows from a column you specify in the table. I will be using a V Lookup formula since I will having different things on different sheets it will need to lookup the values in other cells. I will also be using IF statements in order to see the values of the check box. Macro is a feature that stores a series of commands so that the user can use them with a single command. I will be using macros for various things such as printing the quote, storing the quotes, to view the quotes and other tasks. I will then use a formula to calculate the total cost of the insurance quote and also without the discount. In order to make the quote, which will be printed; much professional and organised I will be adding the name of the company, address, telephone numbers and the company logo at the top. I will also arrange all the information into sections and add colour to make it look more attractive. I will create the macros into buttons so the user can quickly carry the tasks. I will also add a front end to the system. A front end is the name given to the user-friendly interface that will appear on the screen when the file is loaded. It will provide the user with a number of options. Output: The output will be the full quote details, which will be on the screen of the computer showing the customer name, address, car details, the cost of the insurance and without the discount. The output on the screen will also show the macros, which can be used to navigate around the system. The other output will be the fully modified and professional printed quote that will show the company logo long with the companys address and contact numbers. It will also show the issue date, all the details about the quote and the expiry date of the quote.

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Commercials Essay -- Advertisement TV Television Essays

Commercials With the increasing impact of media on our lives today it has become easier for companies to manipulate people’s minds through advertisement. With the introduction of TVs in virtually every room in our homes, we are being constantly reached by mind manipulating commercials. This situation has become worse through the introduction of the World Wide Web at many people’s offices or at people’s personal computers at home. The facts show that it is impossible to go through a day without being bombarded with advertisements unless you live in the deepest part of the Amazon and even then it is likely that an American Express Employee will find you to hand you a replacement for your recently lost American Express credit card. Since it is so easy to reach virtually every age group through commercials, companies target specific audiences in their commercials to increase their profits. In fact you will observe that companies with big advertisement budgets will produce different commercials for different times of the day to target their desired audience. Also, most companies will advertise specific products to specific audiences; however, Nike, one of the most well known and biggest companies in the world today, spends most of its advertisement budget to increase the value of its brand name. It does so through providing an image of being cool, or an appeal to people’s emotions. Nike also tries to affiliate itself with the best players in all sports in order to provide credibility for the quality of their products in general. In 2002 Nike produced a commercial for the soccer world cup. For this commercial Nike gathered twenty-four of the best soccer players from around the globe to play in a tournament format nobody has e... ...nce and to convey an image of being a cool brand clearly shows that Nike’s priority is not to sell only one specific product at a time but to keep their customers loyal to their brand so they do not have to worry about individual products since no matter what kind of equipment Nike produces, as long as it has the Nike symbol on it, it will self itself automatically due to the brands fame. Overall, I think Nike’s advertisement goal can plainly describes as an attempt to â€Å"outscore† everybody else. Works Cited Nike. â€Å"Ball Tricks†. Advertisement. TNT. Phoenix. 1 March 2002. Nike. â€Å"Ball Tricks Bloopers†. Advertisement. HBO. Tallahassee. 1 September 2002. Nike. â€Å"Hello World†. Advertisement. CBS. Atlanta. 1 March 1997. Nike. â€Å"World Cup Spot 1994†. Advertisement. USA. Miami. 1 July 1994. Nike. â€Å"World Cup Spot 2002†. Advertisement. FOX. New York. 1 July 2002.

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The boundary between normal and pathological

The boundary between normal and pathological aging is difficult to define because cognition is not homogenous in the elderly. Moreover, there is also a large heterogeneity in the performance within different domains of cognition and even within the subsystems of one specific domain, for example, memory. However, some general factors have been identified in normal cerebral aging, which might be important mediators between age and cognition.There is a decrease in the capacity of working memory and information-processing speed as well as problems in the inhibition of nonrelevant information (Van der Linden et al., 1999). Thus, most elderly persons will exhibit mild difficulties in acquiring new information that do not have any repercussions on everyday activities.Behavioral medicine research over the past several years has identified a number of characteristics that affect the development and course of cognitive impairment and coronary disease in elderly. Included among these psychosoci al risk factors are hostility, depression, social isolation, high job strain, and low socioeconomic status.The specific mechanisms whereby these factors influence the pathogenesis and prognosis of major causes of death such as coronary heart disease (CHD), but considerable research points to accompanying health behaviors (smoking, dietary habits, and alcohol consumption) and biological characteristics (altered functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems) as likely mediators.Finally, research evaluating interventions targeting psychosocial risk factors in groups of patients with CHD and cognitive impairment offer considerable promise that secondary prevention will be shown to have an important place in the treatment and rehabilitation of these aging diseases. The purpose of this work is to review specifically cognitive impairment and coronary disease in elderly and call attention to the important but often overlooked a correlation in cognitive impairment and coro nary heart disease in elderly.Physical and psychological risk factors will be studied in relation to the development of coronary heart disease and cognitive impairment. This research, in which information regarding life events prior to sudden cardiac death was obtained, reveals that there is a reverse process where coronary heart disease can lead an individual to cognitive impairment.Research on what can be done about the modifiable risk factors in order to prevent or at least minimize the chances of getting cognitive impairment and coronary heart disease receives detailed consideration in the work.

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Essay on Octavia Butlers Kindred

Anthropology of Octavia Butlers Kindred Kindred is a 1976 novel by Octavia butler. The novel is a combination of African American literature and science fiction. This is because the book tells the story of slavery from the perspective of 1976 woman. The novel also entails elements of fantasy as it involves time travel and of course acts of heroism by the time traveler. Dana is a young African American woman who has just moved into her new apartment with her husband Kevin in California. On the ninth of June 1976 as Dana is busy unpacking in their new apartment she suddenly gets dizzy. Her vision gets blurry and all of a sudden her environment seems to slowly fade away. She wakes up in Maryland but there is a twist. It is now the nineteenth century. She notices a young boy called Rufus struggling to get his footing in the river. She quickly dashes in and saves him but he is unconscious by the time she does so. Tom Weylin, the father of Rufus arrives at the scene and almost on instinct alone points his gun at Dana leaving her terrified to say the least. She gets dizzy once again and wakes up home in her apartment in 1976. She manages to time travel again to 1815 where she finds the bedroom of Rufus burning. She manages to put out the fire and comfort the boy. She leaves the residence and heads to the residence of Alice Greenwood who she suspects may be her direct ancestor. A group of young men attack the residence and beat up the mother of Alice and her husband. One man tries to rape Dana and frightened she gets dizzy and suddenly it is 1976 again. Dana continues a series of time travels even at a point travelling back with her boyfriend Kevin. Apparently she can only travel back when Rufus is in a crisis or when his life is in danger. Her only way to travel back home is for her to get very scared for her life. On her last time travel Rufus attempts to rape her. She stabs him twice in self-defense and manages to travel back home immediately. The main characters in the novel are Dana and Rufus. Dana is a very kind and forgiving lady. This is evident since despite all the bad that Rufus does to her she still helps him when he is in crisis. Rufus even drives Alice to suicide but Dana manages to look past this and still help him when he is undergoing depression. â€Å"I would have all I could do to look after myself. But I would help him as best I could. And I would try to keep friendship with him, maybe plant a few ideas in his mind that would help both me and the people who would be his slaves in the years to come,† says Dana (Butler, p.68).Rufus on the other hand is manipulative sadistic and plainly just forgetful. He manipulates Alice by lying to her that he had sold her children. This lie takes its toll on Alice until she finally kills herself. Despite all that Dana has done for him throughout his life he still has her beaten and even attempts to rape her. The novel is very strong in its depiction of slavery. This is evident from the graphic description of how slaves were treated. â€Å"I could feel the knife in my hand, still slippery with perspiration. A slave was a slave. Anything could be done to her,† Says Dana as Rufus attempts to rape her (Butler, p. 260). The novel is weak in portraying the slaves as rebellious. They get ideas but never act on them. â€Å"I would never be to him what Tess had been to his father—a thing passed around like the whiskey jug at a husking. He wouldn’t do that to me or sell me or . . .† says Dana (Butler, p.260) In my opinion the novel is very entertaining. It is a classic fusion of the past and the present or so to speak. I would recommend it because it is the portrayal of history in an entertaining way. It fuses history with time travel. Works Cited Butler, Octavia E..Kindred. 25th anniverary ed. Boston: Beacon Press, 2003. Print.

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The Cornerstone Of The American Dream - 2183 Words

The cornerstone of the American Dream is property ownership; indeed the goal for many Americans is to eventually own their own home. Homes however tend to be quite expensive and thusly financial instruments like mortgages are typically required for many to be able to afford one. Those seeking a home loan would have to be vetted first by the bank that they are seeking the loan from; surely no bank would want to loan out a sizeable amount of money to a person they know nothing about. In this way, banks are capable of mitigating the risk of default on loans. By screening loan applicants, banks are able to give themselves the best possible chance at being paid back. But what happens if borrowers can’t afford the payments and do not pay the bank back? This brings us to what is commonly referred to as â€Å"the 2008 market collapse†, â€Å"the 2008 financial crisis†, or simply â€Å"The Great Recession†; a period of time in which markets worldwide plummeted. One of the hardest hit markets, or most explosive bubbles one could say, was the U.S. Housing market. There are many causes for the housing market’s collapse and the turmoil that followed after, with varying levels of blame being assigned to regulators, government policies, financial institutions, subprime lending/lenders, credit agencies and consumers just to name a few (report cite). One could argue about the validity of each element being the primary source: truly all played their roll, however the purpose of this paper is to provideShow MoreRelatedThe American Dream : A Cornerstone Of Middle Class Life849 Words   |  4 PagesInextricably bound to the premise of the American Dream is the ability to own one’s land—an aspiration that has withstood the test of time and is widely understood as a cornerstone of middle-class life. Despite the threatening economic climate of recent years, homeownership continues to permeate the national dialogue from policy to pop culture. In August, President Obama spoke of its symbolic importance: â€Å"A home is the ultimate ev idence that here in America, hard work pays off, that responsibilityRead MoreThe American Dream1678 Words   |  7 PagesThe American Dream is an idea that has always been different throughouttime. It changes in diverse forms and in the end involves success. The American Dream was a phrase used by the American people and peoplewanting to become American. It was always the idea that you can become a success. This is true in a partial way, but the true American Dream is that with somework and determination anyone can build themselves up in the economic classsystem. The 80 s was an eye opener to a lot of newRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald931 Words   |  4 PagesDaisy, Myrtle, and Jordan, display the new ideology of women while attempting to reach the American Dream. Women embody the new flapper era and are expected to work for their own money and gain more independence after earning the right to vote. Flappers were seen as significant figures during the Roaring Twenties, as they helped define a new generation for young women who are trying to achieve the American Dream, â€Å"[Flappers] were also seen by many as the ideal young woman and was described by authorRead MoreLangston Hughes: A Man of Truth899 Words   |  4 Pagespoems is the idea of a dream and the struggles to achieve that dream as an African American. Langston Hughes focuses his writing on the actual experiences and events of the African American working class during the Harlem Renaissance. He describes the struggles that African Americans have to face in fo llowing their dreams because of the discrimination and segregation. His writings were looked down upon by many critics, no matter what race. Langston Hughes was an African American poet who wrote ofRead MoreThe American Dream is Built on Family Bonds Essay1305 Words   |  6 Pages The American Dream is a concept that is essentially older than the United States, dating back to the seventeenth century. It was then when people began to come up with hopes and aspirations for the newly discovered, unexplored continent. The â€Å"American Dream† is in essence the idea in that puts forward the notion that all people can succeed through hard work, that all people have the right to the pursuit of happiness, and be successful. The definition of the American Dream has been expanded uponRead MoreAnalysis Of Stonewall Jackson Way1421 Words   |  6 PagesPoetry-Archive, George W. Jacobs Co., Accessed 4 Sept. 2017. John Williamson Palmer is a famous American author who recorded revolutionary events. Palmer was originally a physician, but he later decided to pursue a career in journalism. Since he was writing during the Civil War, his works encompass American patriotism and morale. His poem â€Å"Stonewall Jackson’s Way† serves to commemorate the achievements and leadership of the Confederate General ThomasRead MoreAmerica In Five Classes Essay1124 Words   |  5 Pagesadults and two children† (Brinkerhoff, Ortega, White, Weitz, 2011). The poor can be all types of ethnic, male and female, big cities to small towns, people with and without jobs to whole families or single mother and father families. African-American, Hispanics, Children, Single Mother Households, and Non-Citizens are more likely to be poor. Most poverty class people have low quality education, community services and lack of jobs. The culture of poverty is adapted through generations and waysRead MoreThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1262 Words   |  6 PagesMolina Ms. Hunt English 3 5th period 17 March 2015 Outline I. Hook: Everyone wants happiness and success. Thesis Statement: In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author uses Jay Gatsby to demonstrate the themes of friendship and the American dream. II. Historical Context Topic Sentence #1: The novel was written in the Roaring twenties, when the economy was at its peak. A. Supporting Detail: â€Å"They were careless people, Tom and Daisy- they smashed up things and creatures and then retreatedRead MoreCompare Tom And Gatsby953 Words   |  4 Pagesevaluation of one’s â€Å"greatness† proves to be inaccurate and therefore cannot be trusted. Due to Nick’s misjudgment of the strength of Gatsby’s dream, he maintains an illusion of Gatsby’s greatness that simply does not exist. He greatly overestimates the power of Gatsby’s aspirations, foolishly believing that their strength transcends death’s confines. In truth Gatsby’s dream dies when Gatsby himself dies, as made evident by the scene in which he is killed. Nick recalls how â€Å"it was after [they] started withRead MorePresident Trump Once Said, â€Å"I Like Thinking Big. If You’Re870 Words   |  4 PagesPresident Trump once said, â€Å"I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, why not think big?†1 President Trump shares the mindset that many Americans had after the war of 1812. The United States citizens of the early 1800s felt an obligation to push the boundaries of the United States to the Pacific Ocean. John O’Sullivan was the first person to use the term â€Å"manifest des tiny† in 1845 in an edition of the United States Magazine and Democratic Review. He said, â€Å"Our manifest destiny

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The Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath Essay - 2437 Words

Mental illness is one of the most sought-after themes that has often been explored and represented in literature over a remarkably wide variety of writings. The various factors that threaten a character’s sanity can range from all those traumatic occurrences and events, or a combination of a number of long and short-term factors that may trigger the character’s decline into pressure, from several vast and impersonal sources. Also, very rarely does this threatened character succeed or emerge from the suffering undefeated and empowered, if not engulfed by it. Esther Greenwood is portrayed as one such character in Sylvia Plath’s widely renowned autobiographical novel ‘The Bell Jar’. The novel is a searing portrayal of a woman’s descent into desolation and depression. Depression as we understand it, is a chronic illness characterized by feelings of sadness and loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, which may lead to several emotional a nd physical problems and nonetheless, require a long term treatment when it comes to recovery. (Major Depressive Disorder; MDD, APA, DSM-5). The Bell Jar is viewed as a piece of literature that aims to humanize the people suffering from a mental illness, rather than stigmatize them. It brings out the real facade of depression and the oppressing hopelessness and loss of identity that comes along with it. Corrosive feelings of worthlessness, self-loathing along with suicidal ideas and overall impaired functioning is an indication of majorShow MoreRelatedThe Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath1318 Words   |  6 Pageswe live. Many authors who seek this understanding fall short of their expectations and find themselves questioning life to an even greater extent than they had prior to their endeavors. One example of this would be author and poet Sylvia Plath, whose novel The Bell Jar parallels the tragic events that occurred throughout her own life. This coming-of-age story follows the life of Esther, a very bright and introverted student from Boston. She spends a month in New York City as a contest-winning juniorRead MoreThe Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath1211 Words   |  5 PagesOn January 14th of 1963, Sylvia Plath had finally completed The Bell Jar after approximately two years of writing. This novel could have been considered a partial autobiography, because the main character Esther Greenwood eerily represents Sylvia Plath. There are a number of references to Plath’s real life throughout the book, too many for it to be considered a mere coincidence. Within the story, Esther Greenwood considers and attempts suicide quite frequently. Could this novel have been foreshadowingRead MoreThe Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath Essay1438 Words   |  6 Pagesthe novel been translated into nearly a dozen different languages, but it is also the only novel under the American writer and poet Sylvia Plath. She wrote this novel to resemble her life whenever she was dealing with mental illness. It was published in 1967 and was not published in the United States until 1971. After the first publication in the United Kingdom, Plath committed suicide in a very tragic way.   Even though this novel can be viewed as â€Å"dark†, many english classes read this world wideRead MoreThe Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath1099 Words   |  5 PagesThe Bell Jar by: Sylvia Plath Depression is a serious topic throughout the world, especially in America. Depression can result in someone feeling completely alone. There is no direct cause for depression in adolescents, but it can be brought on by the maturing process, stress from failure in some sort, a traumatic or disturbing event such as death, or even a break up. Sure, everyone has an off day here and there, where they feel like they shouldn’t even bother getting out bed in the morning, butRead MoreThe Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath1211 Words   |  5 PagesSylvia Plath Research Paper Title The Bell Jar place[s] [the] turbulent months[of an adolescent’s life] in[to] mature perspective (Hall, 30). In The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath uses parallelism, stream of consciousness, the motif of renewal and rebirth, symbolism of the boundary-driven entrapped mentally ill, and auto-biographical details to epitomize the mental downfall of protagonist, Esther Greenwood. Plath also explores the idea of how grave these timeless and poignant issues can affect a fragileRead More The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath1820 Words   |  7 PagesIdentity is fragile and is a characteristic that every person must discover without hiding behind inexperience’s and excluding themselves from the outside world of reality or else their own personal bell jar will suffocate them alive. The Bell Jar, a semi-autobiographical novel written by Sylvia Plath portrays how a young woman with too many identities and unrealistic expectations overwhelms herself to the point that she contemplates and attempts su icide multiple times. Esther Greenwood, a young collegeRead MoreThe Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath942 Words   |  4 Pagesdevelopment of her relationship with many characters in the novel, The Bell Jar. Esther is mentally and emotionally different than a majority of the people in her community. As a result of this state, she often has difficulty taking criticism to heart. Her depression continues to build throughout the novel as she remains in the asylum. It does not help that she has no aid from her loved ones. In the novel, The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath utilizes the relationships that Esther shares with Buddy Willard MrsRead MoreThe Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath1274 Words   |  6 Pagesnovel The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath the prime character, Esther Greenwood, struggles to handle life in her own skin. She feels as though she is trapped in a glass bell jar with no escape because of her incapability to comprehend herself. For example, in chapter one Plath states, â€Å"‘My name s Elly H igginbottom,’ I said. ‘I come from Chicago.’ After that I felt safer. I didn t want anything I said or did that night to be associated with me and my real name and coming from Boston† (Plath 11). In thisRead MoreThe Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath1554 Words   |  6 Pagestrials and triumphs in their personal life, their relationships with others and their surroundings. In the Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath explores the role of women in society in 1950s New York City through her relationships and interactions. Esther Greenwood is the major character and is therefore central to the novel. The book is considered to be a â€Å"roman a` clef† portraying the painful summer of Sylvia Plath’s psychotic breakdown in 1953, and contains â€Å"thinly disguised portraits of her family and friends†Read MoreThe Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath1940 Words   |  8 PagesAccording to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of the word â€Å"bell jar† is, †Å"a bell-shaped usually glass vessel designed to contain objects or preserve gases and or a vacuum†. Sylvia Plath’s title, The Bell Jar, symbolically represents her feeling towards the seclusion and inferiority women endured trapped by societes glass vessel during the 1950’s. The Bell Jar, follows the life of Esther Greenwood, the protagonist and narrator of the story, during her desperate attempt to become a woman